Abstractions of a Portrait

by phildo on November 1, 2013

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When I first started doing portraits I really wanted to push them into a more abstract territory. At first I was thinking of doing layers with some of my city paintings but the process seems almost wasteful. While working on a portrait using a grid system I started playing with the grid and ended up with some pretty interesting results. The idea is still young but I think it has potential to be really wonderful. Definitely an exciting step in the right direction. I’ll have to see where this takes me…


The Portrait Experiment

by phildo on August 22, 2013



It has been many years since I painted people… I got into more abstract art over the years and I tend to follow these strange tangents from one picture to the next down the rabbit hole. Illustrating my brother’s stories has presented me with a lot of challenges as an artist. To conjure so many scenes to bring a story to life is extremely difficult and made much worse by a feeling of dissatisfaction. I have not been happy with my drawings of people for a long time. I guess over the years as I went in a different direction I stopped caring but now seeing my weaknesses I feel like I need to confront this issue head on.

So I’ve started what I’m calling my portrait experiment. I’ve been drawing people, mostly faces, for the last two weeks, as many as I can. I first started with the sketchbook but quickly saw this as a way to practice painting people too. So I’ve been using limited pallets, trying to create skin tones from limited pigments and its quite a challenge but one that I have been meaning to take on for some time…

Its very cool to see dramatic progress in such a short time. I finished this portrait of my nephew last night and it turned out much better than I would have thought I was capable of a week ago. I’ve been trying to complete a few sketches and full digital paintings every day. I started a new section in my gallery for portraits that I’ll try to update daily but will probably end up doing weekly. I’m still not sure how I’ll post the sketches… maybe on my blog since they’re photos of my sketchbook. I should scan them for better quality… We’ll see, a lot of work…


Goldilocks and the Three Wise Men

May 13, 2013

GoldilocksandtheThreeWisemen Here is a sample of the new book that my brother and I are working on. This is called Goldilocks and the Three Wise men. Its one of five stories from our new book. We’re combining classic children’s stories and bible stories for some interesting and often hilarious results. The idea came from watching [...]

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Nikola Tesla

May 8, 2013

I just finished this on Monday. I have been letting it sit so I can review and make sure I’m pleased with the result. I’m at the point where I feel its complete so its time to move on. I guess I’ve started a series since this is the second portrait I’ve rendered in quotes… [...]

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Photoshop and Watercolor

May 2, 2013

  I finished this painting a while back. I’ve been wanting to revisit it since I started doing a lot of illustration work in photoshop. Sometimes its nice to tweak things in a non destructive manner. I like how this turned out. I overlaid circuit boards over the buildings. Then I did some color work [...]

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New book is now available on amazon.com!

April 25, 2013

Our second book is now available at Amazon.com. Click here to purchase “The Little Goldfish with Big Dreams” from Amazon.com Its the second collaboration between my brother and I. The first being, “The Good News.” The artwork in this book turned out really fantastic. I am extremely proud of the effort and its great to [...]

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Imagination is more important than knowledge

April 25, 2013

About 5 years ago I was going through a strange time in my life. I’d gone through an incredibly difficult breakup. I’d all but abandoned my art and I just felt miserable in general. I knew I was not following my passions but instead just playing it safe. I met this guy who worked next [...]

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The Little Goldfish with Big Dreams

April 15, 2013

This is the third week in a row I’ve had a reminder pop up telling me to blog and since I just hit a pretty big milestone with the new book my brother and I have been working on I guess I’ll talk about it. I’m trying to be better about blogging which is hard [...]

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Free Copy of the Good News

December 5, 2012

The Good News Free Version Download a free copy of the good news and share it with your friends! I added a minor watermark but tried to make it unobtrusive. I just started a promotion on the Kindle store where you can get a free copy of the Kindle Fire version of “The Good News,” [...]

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The Good News is finished!

November 23, 2012

Earlier this year my brother wrote a short story about our sister’s dogs Chaz and Lola. As I read it, I found myself laughing out loud and reveling in the strange characters my brother had created. Images started popping into my mind and I knew that I had to do something for this story. Little [...]

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