Abstractions of the City - Art by Phil Vance

New Website - 07.24.15

It has taken far too long to finally get this project up and running. The perfectionist in me is constantly revising trying to put my best foot forward, but there comes a point where you just have to take a step and let what is meant to happen, happen. Its difficult to take on technical projects like this when the technology is constantly changing and evolving. In the time its taken me to learn to program there have been so many developments it becomes discouraging trying to keep up. I suppose thats just part of getting older. I know the steps I've taken on this journey are important.

I've found myself more and more interested in where art can go as opposed to where are currently is... Perhaps thats because I'm not really sure where art is at the moment. There does not seem to be any real movement, just random voices here and there but no concerted message. I suppose we find the movement in retrospect and to be part of something I have to be a participant. Thats one area I fail constantly. I'm just locked in my own head.

So this is me trying to speak up. Trying to get out. Trying to start a conversation about art. I've made an effort to tie all my random projects together here. I'm hoping it will force me to work on them more consistently. They're projects that I love, I just get scattered with everything I want to make. But I think consistent work is what makes us better at what we do. Its what elevates our practice to the level of art.